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My name is Jennifer Melnick Carota and I have traveled a very rewarding and nontraditional path for most of my life.  Always wanting to be different, I thrive and flourish in situations where I can use my creativity and visionary skills. I embrace change and look for opportunities to change lives and businesses for the better.  I am an Aquarius through and through!   

Not one for a cookie cutter approach, I infuse self discovery and standardized testing into my coaching service packages.  Blending your unique attributes into your business plan is what I do best!  I can help you find and embrace your strengths and build upon them!  

There's a pretty good chance that I have helped a friend or family member of yours at my therapy practice, The Counseling House...built your favorite restaurant's Facebook page... or helped to raise funds for a cause close to your heart.

Helping people to creatively express their vision for lives, business or community makes me smile.  And smiles are contagious!  

I have a strong network of colleagues and influencers from all over the United States from my prior work as "The Gift Therapist".  Featured nationally in print media, television and podcasts, I had a ton of fun sharing creative gift giving techniques and the importance of charitable giving.  My first book, "Shop Smart Give More" is one of my proudest accomplishments.

On a personal level...

I love to bake, feel the sand under my feet, and listed to great music.  I live creatively every day and love the opportunity to try new things or laugh until it hurts.  

PS...I heard a rumor that I can bake a pretty mean cheesecake.  "The Cheesecake Fairy" is pretty popular in my neck of the woods.  Life is the cheesecake!

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