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Saying NO Without Saying NO

One of the most difficult things that I have struggled with over the years is saying no. I am sure lots of you folks can relate. Saying yes makes others feel so good and important, however it can breed resentment if we are saying yes for the wrong reasons. Learning how to say no is crucial if you wish to establish healthy boundaries in your life and work. When we say yes to something, that also means we are also saying no to something. We can't be two places at one time, but we certainly do try sometimes. This causes us additional stress and tension that just adds to our lack of purpose and vision. Get clear on what your priorities and values are practice saying no more often. Here are some creative ways to help you "Say No" and get started on prioritizing your new, improved, assertive self!

say no assertiveness tips

PS...No is a complete sentence. You don't have to explain or candy coat it. But I realize that is hard, especially if saying no is something that you are learning to become more comfortable with! Would love to hear your favorite ways of saying no...please share your comments!

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