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The Fear of Change

To say that change is easy would be a lie. Most people resist change because it's hard, scary, and exhausting. It's easier to stay where we are, in our comfort zone or on the hamster wheel rather than take the risk of upsetting what little control we have over our daily routine. But yet we remain stuck, stagnant and/or miserable. Sound familiar?

So how does one get unstuck and gain the courage to face their fears of the unknown? It's time to remove our emotions from the equation and look at the cost benefit analysis of staying stuck or being successful in our new venture. What are the potential risks and rewards of doing nothing? What are the potential risks and rewards of doing something?

Once your lists have been made, now it's time to get emotional. How will you be feeling today, tomorrow, or five years now if you stay the same? Sit with that feeling. How will you be feeling if you today, tomorrow, or five years from now if you face your fears and make a change in your life or business? Now sit with that feeling.

As a society we have become so focused on immediate gratification, the pursuit of happiness, and the avoidance of pain that it truly makes the "work" of change so difficult and scary. Creating the life that feels right to you is not going to be easy, but most things worth fighting for are not. You are worth fighting for. Keep your eye on the prize and do something today to face your fears...anything!

It's time to shift out of neutral and into drive. The final destination can be anything you allow yourself to imagine.

Peace and Hugs

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