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Busy is a Bad Habit

I felt compelled to record this video following a discussion with a client regarding their busy schedule. My client was very frustrated, reporting that they felt "stuck" and paralyzed because there was so much to do and not nearly enough time. Our time is precious. And when we spend most of it stuck in our heads in worry and overwhelm, we ultimately get nothing of importance accomplished. Those dirty dishes in the sink? Are they really holding you back from enjoying a 10 minute conversation with a friend you lost contact with? Seriously? Stop it with the busy habit, already! As responsible adults and business owners, we will always have a to do list. It's up to us to prioritize it so we may work smarter and make time for the things that make life worth, laughter, play time, and down time for reflection and gratitude. Enjoy the video and feel free to share if you think it will be helpful to your network. Live life. Be well!

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